serves the student community in South East Melbourne to:

  • Excel academically
  • Improve their learning outcomes
  • Enhance their conceptual understanding in Mathematics, Science, Technology (Digital and Design)
  • Develop necessary and essential skills for VCE assessment (VCAA examinations and School Assessed Coursework)
  • Master CAS skills- VCE Mathematics and Programming / coding
  • Achieve high Study scores / ATAR
  • Explicit, Reflective, Differentiated and Feedback based learning and teaching
  • Follow Study Skills and a structured study plan by the day and the week
  • Improve student Learning skills
  • Value Education
  • Develop Analysing skills: i.e thinking, reasoning and logic - Intelligence
  • Develop Application skills (be able to apply concepts learnt in STEM areas and subjects
  • Student centred learning

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